CEO/Founder: George 'Hookz' Yungo aka Big Hookz

Co-Founder/President: Lady Maxim aka Max Mazzim

Executive Vice President: Parnell Gervais aka 'P'

Branches: Germany, Russia, UK, Australia, South Africa, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana

  • A fully registered and trademarked company, that provides professional standard type services
  • Studio recording sessions
  • Artist Portfolio build-up, EPK, Press release kid,
  • Artist promotion and events management
  • Album/Mixtape music production
  • Film/Talk show TV production online-stream
  • Music video production and promotion

Our Vision:

• Changing the way Indie artist are viewed one day at a time, one face at a time
• An independently owned music, film and event company with unique capabilities striving towards becoming the best and most sort after.

Our Goals:

  • Represent and build-up the face of Indie artist all around the world
  • Thrive for excellence, professionalism, integrity, originality, creativity
  • Represents the Face of Indie Artists all around the world
  • Your legacy is our pride and joy

Our Values:

  • Excellence. Professionalism. Integrity. Originality. Creativity.
  • Be all you can be


  • Our artists are encouraged to be open minded, maintain an attitude of hard work, hustler mentality, perseverance, teamwork, and Loyalty
  • “With us your work is never done until you say it is “


  • Big Hookz
  • Max Mazzim


1. Mike Jones, Ice Age Ent.
2. Moe Mitchell, Till Infinity Records
3. Styles P, The LOX, D-Block, Roc Nation
4. Tito Grahmz, DPTV Films
5. Beenie Man
6. Kevin Gates, Atlantic Records


1. Spek Beatz, 24/7 Records Germany (ILLvibes Records)
2. Awthentik, Listen Vision Recordings ,Washington DC
3. G Tha Mastamind, Listen Vision Recordings, Washington DC
4. Vybe Beats, LA, California
5. Trackpros Inc, Philly, PA
6. JGramm, Miami FL
7. Radiohitz, London UK
8. Rejazz, London UK
9. WU Alister, Midnite studio, DC/MD
10. TwanBeat Hit Maker, ATL GA
11. King Lee Boy, DC/MD/VA
12. Legion Beat, CA


2008: Dying in Da line of Duty, Album/Mixtape Hosted by K-Four & Ateam
2009: No differences K-Four Album
2010: Un-veiled L.Maxim Album
2011: The Beginner K-Four Album/Mixtape
2012: Single Release: Handle Mine K-Four ft. Mike Jones
2012: CelebTalks Talk Show Online stream: Lady Maxim, Host
2013: My business Big Hookz Album/Mixtape
2013: Singles Release: Keep Talkin Big Hookz ft. Styles P (D-Block)
2013: Single Release: Rock My Body L.Maxim ft VI Empress
2013: Single Release: Understand Me. Lil Tizzle
2013: Short film/Documentary – No Turning Back

2013: Single Release: Circumstances - Big Hookz ft. Moe Mitchell & K-Four
2013: Single Release: Sound of My Voice - Big Hookz ft. moe Mitchell
Film: No Turning Back (action, big screen), Street Certified (short film, action) [2014]

2014:Third Eye Mixtape Compilation
2014: Single Release: Boomerang- XLG Skenny
2014: Single release : Homicide Ft. XLG Skenny
2014: Single Release: Power Moves ft. XLG Skenny
2014: Single Release: Third Eye ft XLG Skenny, GBanga & Lil Tizzle
2014: Single Release: Pour Up ft XLG Skenny & Main mane
2014: Single Release: Addiction - Max Mazzim ft. XLG Skenny
2014: Single Release: Take Control - Max Mazzim ft. Michelle Antonique

2015: Single Release: Stamina - ft. XLG Skenny, Main Mane & Lil Tizzle
2015: Preacha Boi - Lil Tizzle Mixtape
2015: Pocket Full - Main Mane Single

2016: Single Release: Birthday Love - Max Mazzim ft. Beenie Man
2016: Single Release: Sober - big Hookz ft. Smoke BWF
2016: Single Release: Hope Alive - Big Hookz ft Dlow Fontaine
2016: Single Release: Make A Milli - Big Hookz
2016: Single Release: Pull Out Cash Part 2 - Big Hookz ft Lil Tizzle & Kevin Gates

2017: Single Release: Birthday Love Part 2- Max Mazzim Ft. Beenie Man (w/Penalty/Sony)
2017: Single Release: Holdin You down - Big Hookz ft Max Mazzim (w/Penalty/Sony)
2017: Single Release: We Gonna Make it - Big Hookz ft. Moe Mitchell
2017: Single Release: Pull Out Cash Part 3 - Big Hookz ft. Kevin Gates (w/Penalty/Sony)
2017: Mixtape/Album Compilation: BMS -Big Hookz Makes Songs - Big Hookz (w/Penalty/Sony)
2017: Album Release: NS4L - Never Settle For Less - Big Hookz (w/Penalty/Sony)